In this brief time between wars, the Venetian Republic must decide where to focus its resources: protecting its maritime holdings from the Ottoman threat, or rebuilding its mainland possessions. Furthermore, the Republican government must determine if the Pope’s proposed alliance with the French is even feasible before casting its lot as an allied or independent power.

Committee Members

Andrea Gritti, Doge of Venice, will act as chair.

  • Alvise Barbaro, overseer of the Venetian Mint
  • Marcantonio Barbaro, statesman and Venetian ambassador to France
  • Agostino Barbarigo, Captain of the Gulf
  • Antonio Cappello, Procurator of St. Mark's and Venetian ambassador to the Holy Roman Empire
  • Bartolomeo Contarini, Venetian ambassador to the Ottoman Empire
  • Bernardo Contarini, judge and Bailo of Nauplia
  • Giovanni Contarini, Provveditori of the Venetian Navy
  • Francesco Cornaro, Cardinal
  • John IV Crispo, Duke of the Archipelago
  • Isaac Fano, merchant and trader from a prominent Jewish family
  • Marco Loredan, politician
  • Luchino de' Medici, head of the Venetian branch of the Medici bank
  • Andrea Mocenigo, senator and nobleman
  • Benedetto Pesaro, naval commander
  • Francesco Pisani, Cardinal, influential statesman, and son-in-law of Andrea Gritti
  • Francesco Maria I della Rovere, Duke of Urbino and renowned condottiero
  • Michele Sanmicheli, military architect
  • Mario Sanuto, statesman and inquisitor
  • Marino Sanuto the Younger, government historian
  • Tiziano Vecelli (Titian), famed artist